There are 5 steps to my Couture Process which will help us together to select a bridal dress, evening gown or special outfit, with a style to suit you, which will then be individually tailored.  The price of a bespoke wedding dress or gown will vary according to the style, choice of fabrics, construction of the dress, amount of labour and customisation involved.

Couture Process

Step 1

I will make an appointment to discuss your requirements, ideas for design and budget.  I will listen carefully to you and offer you my advice.

If you have any specific pieces of jewellery to be worn with the dress or any magazines or photographs which may help me understand your ideas please have them available.  We will discuss designs, concepts and fabrics.

Step 2

The second step at the initial consultation is to take precise body measurements that will be used to produce your gown with a good tailored fit.

Preliminary agreement of design and materials so as to enable a quotation to be prepared.  We will also discuss the required collection date of your gown.

Step 3

I prepare a letter of confirmation and quotation specifying the exact details of your gown including fabric and construction.

A personalised swatch card will be included as this may be useful when discussing your other wedding services.  I will confirm a timetable of events and your first fitting schedule.

Step 4

From your personalised body measurements I will create your pattern.  This will enable me to make a toile, a copy of the dress made from calico, which allows a prototype tailored fitting.

At your first fitting I make all necessary alterations to the toile.  We will then make a decision as to whether to proceed to another toile fitting or move onto your final dress.

Step 5

In the last step of our Couture Process I will now create your real gown.  It is cut and made to the highest standards.

I expect at least two real gown fittings ensuring that the fit is perfect, the construction is excellent and the length is accurate.

I make any final adjustments before preparing your gown for collection.