Some helpful questions and answers


How long in advance to order my dress?

I recommend you plan as early as possible if you want a couture gown for a special occasion.  For weddings start planning early, especially as the most popular wedding months are from June to September.

You should allow 5 to 6 months to make your dress from the initial meeting, and dependent upon workloads it may be done quicker.  This allows time for the fittings and to source the right materials.  Bear in mind that a dressmaker may be able to fit you in, so it is always worth a telephone call.

Hopefully it will ensure that you are not rushed when you come to choosing your shoes, jewellery, etc. to complement your gown along with all the other wedding preparations.

Why a ‘made to measure’ dress?

A “made-to-measure” wedding dress should not be confused with a “made-to-measurements” dress.

A “made-to-measurements” dress is a service you will usually encounter in bridal wear shops.  Here a sales assistant will take your measurements and order a dress from the manufacturer in the “closest standard size”.  The manufacturer will supply a “ready-made” dress which is then altered around the bust, waist and hips.  There is no “toile” fitting and the result is an approximate fit at best.

A ‘made to measure’ dress is individually tailored to you from the very beginning of the process.

How can I get my ideas across?

Keep a scrap book of ideas that you like from magazines and photographs.  Having them all in one place makes it easier to explain what your thoughts and ideas are.

Have available any jewellery for the special occasion.

Be flexible with your ideas and listen to advice about styles and colours.

Be aware that you may need to purchase suitable underwear to go with your gown.

How much will it cost?

As every dress and outfit is different due to style, fabric, etc. I can not give prices over the phone.  Each quotation I give will be different based upon information gathered from Steps 1 and 2 of my Couture Process.

You should set yourself a budget as this will be one of the first questions you will be asked.

Do you do alterations?

I provide an alteration service for garments.  Brides like to buy a wedding dress and then come to me to carry out alterations.  These include altering the size or length of a dress to adding trimming, such as, decorative lace, beading, etc.

Any ideas for accessories?

Rather than buying a hat for a wedding, consider hiring one for the occasion.  I would recommend Get Ahead Hats.  They have a wide range and can assist you with advice on colours and styles.

Can you help me on my special day with my gown?

Yes I can.  I can make myself available to assist you in the final preparations, making sure your gown will look the best for the occasion.

How do I store my gown after I have worn it?

I can advise on any special cleaning or storage requirements.

Can I buy my own fabrics?

Yes you can. I will specify to you the types of materials that I work with and assist in their purchase.

I can help you work out how much fabric is required and I also offer a special service that I accompany you to the specialist fabric shops and help with your choice.